Types of Systems

Continental Alarm and Detection can handle all projects of any size and type. Our experienced team of professionals is available to help. We offer many system types designed to our clients’ specifications.

Industrial Dry Chemical/Commercial Kitchen Hood

For areas such as mixing rooms, paint booths, storage rooms or solvent storage rooms, a sprinkler system is not the only option. Instead, Continental offers an industrial dry chemical system, using Badger Industrial equipment. Dry chemical systems are highly specialized installations, requiring unique expertise to design and install. Such attention to detail ensures that our clients’ system meets all codes and is fully reliable. We offer 24/7 service as well as perform inspections that meet or exceed all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Fire Alarm Systems

Organizations and even the lives of people may one day depend upon a fire alarm system. For this reason, Continental takes special care, from the design to the service phase, to ensure our clients their fire alarm system is completely reliable.

Our in-house engineers use computer-aided drafting technology to design fire alarm systems that meet or exceed all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. We can also adapt new technology and retrofit our clients’ existing system. We use only equipment from the finest fire alarm providers in the industry:

  • Edwards Systems Technology (EST)
  • Firelite
  • Fike
  • Protectowire

Our service package includes regular smoke detector cleaning and sensitivity maintenance, and we inspect our clients’ entire system in accordance with (NFPA) standards.

Gaseous Systems

Water from sprinkler systems can cause serious damage to areas that have sensitive parts or electronic equipment. For these environments, Continental offers a wide variety of high- and low-pressure gaseous systems, including carbon dioxide, ECARO, Pro Inert and FM-200. Instead of water, these systems discharge a chemical that dissipates harmlessly after it does its job.

A Continental professional can recommend and design the right system for any environment, and our equipment has the approval of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). At Continental Alarm and Detection, we have a solution for our clients’ situation.

Security/Burglar Alarm Systems

A good security system offers more benefits beyond the obvious. Law enforcement officials have said a good security system not only alerts the owner when a break-in occurs, but it also discourages would-be intruders. A burglar will often bypass a business with a security system and hit the unprotected business next door.

Continental security and burglar alarm systems use Honeywell equipment to give our clients total protection. Motion detectors, glass-break technology, wireless and hardwired equipment protect doors, windows and rooms. Highly trained technicians monitor our clients’ system from a central station 24/7. If an alarm sounds, a central-station attendant immediately telephones our client and notifies law enforcement, reducing false alarms and enabling a faster police response.

Card Access Systems

Continental’s card access system enables our clients to control access in and out of the secured areas of their building. It’s a complete, yet unobtrusive proximity card computer-based system. A card access system restricts access to areas to only those people who have card access privileges. We can also provide biometric access control for an even more secure environment.

A stored database provides our clients with a log of the people who went in and out of the secured areas. A date and time stamp displays the exact time of each entry and exit. With card access, our clients do not have to worry about people sharing or forgetting passwords. If someone loses an access card, it is easy to reprogram the system, preventing unauthorized personnel from gaining access. The card access system can be remotely maintained from our office via telephone or direct network access.

Closed Circuit TV Systems

Closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems have come a long way from the days of the fuzzy black-and-white picture. Continental’s closed circuit television systems offer these features:

  • Digital cameras and recording
  • IP based video
  • Night vision
  • Full color
  • Pan-tilt-zoom
  • 24-hour recording

Even our black-and-white systems feature full picture clarity. Cameras serve as an effective device for recording evidence and also act as an effective deterrent, often preventing thefts altogether. We also offer covert CCTV service. We will install and maintain such systems with total discretion.

Door Entry Systems

Continental offers a convenient but reliable security solution that allows our clients’ tenants into their building.

Telephone entry systems work directly through a telephone connection. This solution can operate from the existing telephone lines that run through each unit. Our clients can also opt for dedicated lines for an even greater degree of reliability.

UL Listed Central Station Monitoring

Rated as a five-star monitoring facility, TransAlarm monitors all facilities protected by Continental security and fire systems. With a trained professional monitoring our clients’ system, they receive better service, fewer false alarms and a faster response time from the fire department and law enforcement. If an alarm occurs at our clients’ facility, we can dispatch service immediately, according to their state’s code. We also immediately notify our clients and keep them informed on the developing situation.

Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers

Running a business requires our clients to pay attention to dozens of details. With our client’s mind on day-to-day tasks, we know it’s easy to forget to schedule regular maintenance for fire extinguishers.

Continental Alarm and Detection offers a Complete Coverage Program that includes all required six-year maintenance and hydrostatic testing. We provide inspection and maintenance (including recharging) on all makes and models of fire extinguishers. Our attention to detail ensures that fire extinguishers always meet all safety codes and will operate properly if the need ever occurs.

We track all scheduled maintenance in our central database and contact our clients in advance for on-site maintenance.

Continental completes our clients’ fire extinguisher safety package with OSHA-required classroom and hands-on training. Training includes hands-on and live fire practice in a safe, controlled environment. Continental has secured the appropriate permits to perform this training.