All Continental Fire Sprinkler Company employees are expected to operate and conduct themselves at all times in full compliance with all laws and Continental Fire Sprinkler Company’s policies and procedures. The objective of the Continental Ethics Program (Program) is to maintain an effective compliance program across all lines of business to ensure that we meet these expectations.

The Program ensures management understands that ethics and compliance at Continental Fire Sprinkler Company means conducting our business with the highest ethical standards and within the laws and regulations that govern our business as well as within our own policies and procedures. Management promotes an organizational culture in accordance with effective business practices and will not tolerate unethical conduct or violations of the law.

Continental Fire Sprinkler Company’s reputation for being a company of great integrity and ethics is important. That reputation is the result of concerted effort by our founders and subsequent generations of managers and employees promoting a culture for ethics and compliance.

Continental Fire Sprinkler Company employees are expected to report all suspected violations of the law or Continental policies and procedures immediately to their manager.

Employees will not be subject to retaliation or adverse personnel action of any kind for reporting a concern or issues that the employee believes in good faith may violate the law or Continental Fire Sprinkler Company policies.